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Sunday, December 27, 2009

#308 - “Beastmaster”

And there you have it, a milestone set in the anals…errr annals of Carnivores history….the first Double Strip!

It was difficult to create though… maybe its because it was ages since i last drew a RAPTOR….thank God i have Poser fore references lol

And….that’s it! The next arc is Furry Curry, about 4 comics were drawn while i was up north in the summer, hopefully I will get the final 2 drawn swiftly.

I might nix The Story of My Spawns because my pred character Kaisev Redberus was created in a different universe (the IRC universe) than Lab, Ryuzaki and Pepper. My final decision will come when the arc starts next week.

EAT U L8R!!!

EDIT: Shit! I hopped about 92 strips into the future with that typo lol.... It's fixed now...

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