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Saturday, April 18, 2009

#274, end of Arc XIV - "The Long Road Back"

Yup. Lab's in the Otherlife. Not the Afterlife....thats where you go if you're dead. The Otherlife is a place where beings go when they are in a coma. Dead spirits can and do visit the Otherlife.

Special cameo by the Echoes of Torrle.

I drew the last 2 panels with coloured pencils.

Which brings me to this... ARC EIGHTEEN has been announced! It will follow Lab as he collects pieces of his otherselves in order to revive from his coma! But watch out, the night terrors have broken the seal and are looking to destroy the lion, devouring everything in their path! Will Lab be able to return to normal? Or is he doomed to be tortured to death by the sinister terrors? Find out in Carnivores, Arc XVIII - "Otherselves"

See ya May 2nd, where Carnivores will resume for "Chimber's Deathly Secret"!
Eat U L8R!
~Austin Wolfclaw

Saturday, April 11, 2009

#273 - "Worst Dream EVAR"

If i recall correctly, you can die from night tremors.
Lab almost did. ALMOST. You'll find out why he's still alive next week.
Have a happy Easter everyone.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

#272 - "Hell-Sickle"

Originally I was gonna have the hellspawn devour Sempis' soul. However, I was talking to Strega on Yahoo, and she mentioned Kamaitachi, Japanese yōkai that resemble weasels with sickles that form from their limbs.

So, this gave me an idea. Since i has already drawn the first 2 panels, i drew the last four with the hellspawn growing sickles and brutally dismembering Sempis. Sorry, i only had 4 frames to work with, so you dont get to see the actual dismemberment.

Now to work on the pic of the month for FurAffinity!

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