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Sunday, February 01, 2009

#263 - "The Prod" and 100th post!

Jeez, has it been 100 posts already?
Anyway, this comic was tedious to work on, because I had to bend the bones (and stretch them as well!) into position Lab was in. Looking at it, I think I did ok, I'm not a hundred percent sure. And interesting fact here, I actually started to add the speech bubbles before i added the gnoll's spots! I had to undo a frame's worth of work to fix that. But I didn't have to click Undo too many times...

Why doesn't Spellcheck yell at me for not capitalizing the first person perspective "I"? It yells at me when i use the words "doesn't".........Wait, firefox has spellcheck??? *click* DISABLED!!!!

Have fun. Go Steelers.

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