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Saturday, February 28, 2009

#267 - "A Bloody Hit On The Head"

OK the comic is a little vague but I will try and clear things up..

The heart was what Sempis was shooting for. He hit it, bang on, and blood flew everywhere. Something fell and hit Shuji on the head. Prepare for hilarity next week. I am gonna type it up now. Tomorrow, I will show you the new Arc 15 graphic. Arc 15 will be the last time the current logo is used. I will use a different font for "Furry Curry" (Arc 16) and arc 17 will have a new logo. Prob is, i dont know what its gonna look like tho... I don't want it to be too toony, nor do i want it to look to grisly. Remember the first logo? The *very* first one?
Yea, that one. The second was an early version of the logo, with a snake forming the S.
The one i'm using now is a total redo of the logo, taking and modifying letters from an old WrestleMania videocassette, and adding a gradiented C (I think it was Dom Casual or Diner Script I used , I'm not sure. The logo I plan on doing for Furry Curry will be the font used for WrestleMania 2000, which, coincidentally was WM16. But we gotta get past "Chimber's Deathly Secret", and you'll see the arc image tomorrow.

Have a good one, everyone.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

#266 - "Chainsaw Bet"

The first title of this strip was "Chain Saw", then it became "Chainsaw Massacre" before settling on "Chainsaw Bet", after what i drew didn't turn out to be in tune with the title.

See folks, I draw these comic strips on the fly, I dont usually type out any text ahead of time...(I used to a few weeks back but sorta stopped that) I draw, scan and color on the same day. Sometimes its draw on friday (or saturday) and scan and color on saturday (or Sunday)
If it is sunday, I make a desperate attempt to do the comic, cuz if i dont, there would be no comic til next week.

SO anyway, the summary of this comic is...

"Shuji gets put on the spot when Sempis tries to prove the lion's blood was not entirely sucked dry."
See ya next week.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

#265 - "Sleeping Troubles"

Enter The Chainsaw. :)
Had to do a re-upload of this one, i accidentaly did a pixel resize instead of a smart size on the reduction of the image (original size is over 2000 pixels)
It's up now, nonetheless...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

#264 - "It Worked With An Orange"

Wow. I had to re-upload this comic twice. First, i noticed there was no spots on the gnolls, fixed it, re-uploaded. Then, i noticed there was no battle scratches on the armor. Fixed it, re-uploaded.

We finally have names! Just in case you're wondering, Shuji is sucking the blood from a straw; Tropicana's ad campaigns in the 90's claimed their juice was so good, you swear you were drinking straight from the orange. Cue the straw in the orange.

I wonder how many people tried to stick straws in their oranges....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

#263 - "The Prod" and 100th post!

Jeez, has it been 100 posts already?
Anyway, this comic was tedious to work on, because I had to bend the bones (and stretch them as well!) into position Lab was in. Looking at it, I think I did ok, I'm not a hundred percent sure. And interesting fact here, I actually started to add the speech bubbles before i added the gnoll's spots! I had to undo a frame's worth of work to fix that. But I didn't have to click Undo too many times...

Why doesn't Spellcheck yell at me for not capitalizing the first person perspective "I"? It yells at me when i use the words "doesn't".........Wait, firefox has spellcheck??? *click* DISABLED!!!!

Have fun. Go Steelers.

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