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Sunday, December 31, 2006

#175 is up.

This is a long awaited strip. This was the AC 2005 Art Jam strip that i was gonna put up after The Run, but I seemed to have lost it, however I found it during Arc X, so now it's up.
I'm gonna start crackin' on "Maul", drawing character prototypes in my sketchbook, and uploading them to Eka's Portal starting tomorrow.

Happy new year, everyone!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

...and that's it!

Alright! Another arc done! Now, lets move on to Arc 11...

This is the button for Arc 11.

And, good news! A tentative title for Arc 12 has been found
It's "Macro and Micro!"
Well, it's been in the list of names for a while, but hey, something to ponder about!

Next week I will be posting the thing I did for AC 2005. The arc will start in 2007. Happy holidays! ~austin

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Carnivores #172 and a HALF!

***The following takes place AFTER Carnivores #172, but before Carnivores #173 ***

Ratafen: Are you missing a necklace by any chance?

Alexandria: Necklace? Uhh...

Rat: I was sent by Farmer Tobias--

Alex: (interrupting) My dad!

Rat: Ah, so it is you!

Alex: I kinda figured he'd send someone to look for me. How did you get here?

Rat: The same way you got here.

Alex: What? Damn I thought that crystal had enough power to only teleport one...

Rat: Crystal...?

Alex: In the haystack. See, my chance to escape was this. When dinner came about, I hid the crystal in the hay. When Dad called my name, I told him I lost my...."necklace"...hehehe... Boy, he's gullible...

***end of Carnivores #172 ½. Go read #173 now.***

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hiatus lifted.

I had enough money to get me a 30-day game card so I can (hopefully) finish this arc. After this, I will return to drawing for Arc XI.

Money situation still looking dire for me. I only have like 40 dollars in my credit card account anf 7 dollars in my checking account, and 101 dollars owed for the Comcast bill.

Face it. You can't call it the cable bill anymore. Comcast offers three services for us: Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Phone Service. I have cable and internet, so the cost of those, plus FCC Fees and whatnot, total up to $101.58 every month.

So, the new comic is up and stuff. Enjoy.

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