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Sunday, November 26, 2006


The strip is now on Hiatus. I had to cancel my EQ2 account cuz it was linked to my Comerica account, which I'm going to close soon. Also, bad comes to worse; I might be losing my job I've held for over a year. So, truthfully, I don't know when the strip will be back, but when it does come back, I guarantee I'll continue with the Arc.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Austin Wolfclaw
Author, "Carnivores"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last comic for a while...

Well, I cancelled my EQ2 account, but not because i gave up on it, I have to cancel the account in order to change my credit card information. I had to do this once before when i lost my credit card at AC 2006....

I don't truthfully know how long the comic will be on hiatus....but the BARE MINIMUM is 2 weeks. I cant guarantee it will be two weeks but lets hope it only lasts 2 weeks.


BTW, the comic today mocks the "Back to the Future" "coming to" sequences

Monday, November 06, 2006

OK, so....

Usually a vore webcomic doesnt do so good when its updated only once a week...But Carnivores has gone on now for almost 4 years now...

So here's the scoop...

Ratafen has now died, since he was waist deep in the acids ever since he was swallowed. The acids have dissolved his belly, and stripped his legs of all flesh. The acids then turn the bones brittle, making them break easily. He then slowly sinks further into the acid, more of him and his organs getting dissolved into nutrients, until he completely is submerged, where his helmet, and his head, skull and brains will be digested.
Next week, a newly reformed Ratafen will wake up, and something torn right out of Back To The Future will take place....

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