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Saturday, August 18, 2018

#724 - "Off To Save The Universe!" (End Of Arc XXV)

Ryuzaki is yanked away! Looks like the Sculptor is in dire need of those 2 Feasters!
 ...And that's it! 77 comics, tied for longest in Carnivores history with Arc XXIV. I'm taking a little over a month off now. I will NOT be back until October 6th. The next Arc will NOT be called The Labyrinth, it will be called "Universe of Souls". The Index page WILL be updated once I get the bloody FTP working!

Thanks for another great arc! Eat U L8R!
~Austin Wolfclaw, the TRUE Fourth Wall ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

#723 - "Tugrik's Taken Care Of"

Wait, Tugrik's staying behind as well? He's in good hands with Aira, apparently....
I'm hoping next week will be the last comic of this arc, then I'll take a much needed break. I've noticed disinterest in doing this comic and this is one of the reasons why i need these breaks between story arcs. And also why I try not to make them SO DAMNED LONG!!
I have the outline in my Dropbox so i can work on it anytime...

Saturday, August 04, 2018

#722 - "The Carver and the Artist"

The Fourth Wall calls upon 2 more creators, because it takes 4 creators to teleport the Fourth Wall places. So we meet the Carver and the Artist this time around.

Getting close to the end of the arc!!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

#721 - "Parting Words"

The Fourth Wall says some parting words as the party guests head back to their respective universes.
No I'm not gonna draw every single partygoer in attendance...they weren't that important. Sure, it was good to see them again after seeing them in a previous arc, but then came the question, WHY are they there? It seemed like a nice reunion party of the multiverse, but I felt there needed to be some legit danger. See, I come up with new things all the time and I believe this arc had me come up with much more stuff than usual, stuff which may (or may not) prove vital in future story arcs. Soon you'll see what the Feasters of the Second universe can do, but next week you'll meet the Artist (6th Universe Creator) and the Carver. (11th)
Oh and that surprise? The Fourth Wall completed and perfected Makklius' Labyrinth project.
You're Welcome!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

#720 - "Down To Business"

After a brief change in appearance, the Author ties up some loose ends...the party's pretty much over so he gets some rainbow leaves and sends everyone home to their respective universes...
I'm gonna safely say 2 or 3 more strips before the end of this arc. FINALLY. All I need to do is get the partygoers back home, get two more Creators to help get the Fourth Wall and his tank back home and that's it...I think.....

Saturday, July 14, 2018

#719 - "Dissatisfaction"

The Author reveals that the cotote was not his true form and his true form was the human form the Fourth Wall took...but he doesn't like the mustache the Fourth Wall added! Makeup!!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

#718 - "True Identities"

The mysterious coyote reveals himself to be the actual 7th Universe's Creator and the tank full of purple goop....that's the Fourth Wall's true form! Which leaves the shell of a body that the Fourth Wall once wore....

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